Ethernet Controller Silicon - NetXtreme

NetXtreme®-E Series and NetXtreme Ethernet controller silicon are the ideal solutions to address the performance and service demands of massively-scaled data center networks for high throughput and advanced flow processing.  NetXtreme Ethernet controllers are available in a variety of configurations from 1Gb to 100Gb, supporting both optical and copper connectivity.

Designed for today's enterprise and cloud-scale environments, Broadcom's NetXtreme® Ethernet controller silicon is the ideal solution for high-performance virtualization, data acceleration, rapid and secure hybrid cloud connectivity, and machine learning.

  • NetXtreme TruFlow™ can increase VM density up to 50 percent while freeing more CPU cycles for additional virtual machines
  • On-chip tunneling protocol processing for Geneve, VXLAN, and NVGRE provides up to a 5X throughput increase while lowering CPU utilization up to 90 percent compared to software-only solutions
  • Standards-based networking technology such as RoCE-v1/v2  pave the way for machine learning and storage architectures such as NVMe over Fabrics (NVMe-oF)
  • Features specific for SDN and NFV facilitate the management of data networks and enable leading-edge service provider solutions  
  • Unique hardware offload engines provide optimized latency and CPU utilization in real-life network conditions for Layer-2, DPDK, SR-IOV and RoCE-v1/v2 traffic