High-performance Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) network controller with integrated management controller

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A fully integrated 10/100/1000BASE-T Single-Port Gigabit Ethernet controller with TruManage™ and SMASH manageability support for high-performance server applications
The BCM5725 is the industry's first Gigabit Ethernet server controller, which integrates a management controller with a high-performance network controller. It provides a cost-effective alternative to bundled solutions for designing custom cloud-computing servers and is ideally suited for hyper-scale server environments that demand intelligent management features with very low power consumption and minimal physical footprint. The BCM5725 also supports open and interoperable standards-based remote discovery, monitoring, control and management features.
The BCM5725 is a 10/100/1000BASE-T Ethernet LAN controller solution suitable for high-performance server applications. It combines triple-speed IEEE 802.3™-compliant Media Access Controllers (MACs) with 10/100/1000 Ethernet transceiver (PHY), a Network Controller Sideband Interface (NC-SI) and on-chip memory buffer in a single device. It supports MSI™ and MSI-X capabilities, as well as Function Level Reset (FLR). The host interface supports a separate PCIe function for each LAN interface.
The BCM5725 includes a comprehensive set of hardware features that the system may use to implement IEEE 1588 or IEEE 802.1AS-based time synchronization. These hardware features include a high-precision clock, timestamp registers for receive/transmit packets, and programmable trigger inputs and watchdog outputs.


  • Integrated 10/100/1000BASE-T and transceiver
  • Compliant with IEEE 802.3az-2010: Energy Efficient Ethernet (EEE)
  • x1 PCI Express® (PCIe™) v2.1 at 5.0 GT/s or 2.5 GT/s
  • SMASH 2.0/WS-Management and IPMI 2.0/DCMI 1.5 standards-based system management
  • TruManage™ technology that enables a comprehensive set of system management features


  • Routers
  • Hubs/Repeaters
  • Blade Servers
  • Network Interface Cards (NICs)
  • Servers
  • Storage Area Networks
  • Switches

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