NetXtreme® C-Series Single Port 50G and Dual Port 25G Cloud-Optimized Ethernet Controller

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Based on Broadcom’s scalable 25/50G Ethernet controller architecture, NetXtreme® C-Series controllers can be used to build highly-scalable, feature-rich networking solutions in servers for cloud-scale applications.
NetXtreme® C-Series addresses the performance and service demands of mega-scale data center networks for high throughput and advanced flow processing. Features such as TruFlow™ increase VM density up to 50%, freeing more CPU cycles for additional virtual machines. On-chip tunneling protocol processing for Geneve, VXLAN, and NVGRE provides up to a 5X throughput increase while lowering CPU utilization up to 90% compared to software-only solutions. NetXtreme® C-Series controllers also support advanced networking technologies such as SDN and NFV, to facilitate the management of cloud networks and to enable service provider solutions.


  • Standards-compliant 10/25/50G support with 30MPPS full-duplex throughput
  •  LOM-able single-chip solution optimized for mega-scale data center and application workloads
  •  TruFlow™ engine for intelligent flow processing to increase server VM density and accelerate vSwitch processing
  •  New end-to-end congestion avoidance and management to anticipate and eliminate congestion before it happens
  •  Support for advanced networking technologies including SDN, NFV and virtualization
  •  Integrated BMC providing next-generation manageability beyond IPMI, such as SMASH


  • LAN on Motherboards

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