NetXtreme® E-Series Single-Port Multi-Host 100G OCP 2.0 Mezzanine Adapter

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Based on Broadcom’s scalable 10/25/50/100/200G Ethernet controller architecture, NetXtreme E-Series Open Compute Project (OCP) 2.0 Mezzanine adapters can be used to build highly-scalable, feature-rich RoCE networking solutions in servers for Enterprise and Cloud-scale applications, including Telco.

NetXtreme E-Series addresses the performance and service demands of megascale data center networks for high throughput and advanced flow processing. Features such as TruFlow™ increase VM density up to 50 percent, freeing more CPU cycles for additional virtual machines. TruTrust™ enables the industry’s most secure server platform with Broadcom’s Silicon Root of Trust and Secure Boot Loader. On-chip tunneling protocol processing for Geneve, VXLAN, and NVGRE provides up to a 5X throughput increase while lowering CPU utilization up to 90 percent compared to software-only solutions. NetXtreme-E Series controllers also support advanced networking technologies such as RoCE, SDN and NFV to facilitate the management of data networks and to enable service provider solutions.


  • Standard-compliant 10/25/40/50/100G single-port QSFP28 OCP 2.0 Mezz with 100Gb/s full-duplex throughput
  • Plentiful 128Gb/s host interface bandwidth via 16 lanes of PCIe Gen3
  • Multihost support up to 4
  • In-band Telemetry supporting IOAM (In-situ OAM) and IFA (In-band Flow Analyzer)
  • TruTrust: Silicon Root-of-Trust and Secure Boot Loader
  • TruManage™: embedded agent running advanced manageability protocols
  • TruFlow: on-chip flow processor boosting application performance by up to 50 percent
  • Flexible, standards-based SDN interface enables easy configuration and management
  • RDMA over Converged Ethernet (RoCE) v1/v2
  • Smart RoCE Congestion Control
  • NCCL 2.0 and GPUDirect technology for GPU-based Deep Learning clusters
  • Comprehensive stateless offloads to minimize host CPU workload
  • Overlay network, tunnel-aware stateless offloads, VTEP offloads
  • Robust drivers for all major operating systems
  • Hardware architecture built on 10+ generations of Broadcom expertise in Ethernet Controller technology


  • Enterprise data center servers
  • Cloud and Web2.0 data center servers
  • Machine Learning (ML) clusters
  • Hadoop clusters
  • Database servers
  • High Performance Computing (HPC) clusters
  • NVMe storage disaggregation

Lifecycle Status


Specification Value
Lifecycle Active
Distrib. Inventory No
Adapter Type OCP 2.0 Mezz
Link-Speeds 100/50/40/25/10Gb
Ports 1
Connection QSFP28
ASIC 57504
TruFlow™ Yes
TruManage™ Yes
RoCEv2 Yes
Multi-Host Yes
OS Support CentOS, Debian, FreeBSD, Linux, Microsoft Windows, Novell SUSE® Linux Enterprise Server, Oracle Linux, Oracle Solaris, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, SUSE® Linux Enterprise Server, Solaris, Ubuntu, VMware, VMware ESX, VMware vSphere, Windows Hyper-V, Windows Server
Smart NICs No