16nm 200GbE PAM-4 PHY (4:4)

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The Broadcom BCM81141 is a single-chip, low-power, low-latency PAM-4 PHY that integrates retimer and equalizer functions to support 200GbE applications. In 200GbE mode, the BCM81141 retimes, adds FEC (optional), and equalizes 4 × 50G PAM-4 host-side signals into 4 × 50G PAM-4 line-side signals, which drive optical PAM-4 links inside next-generation modules, including QSFP56. The BCM81141 also provides 2 × 100G applications with two 100G PCS streams. The BCM81141 is compliant to IEEE standards with KP4 FEC and FEC bypass capability. On-chip clock synthesis is performed by a low-cost 156.25 MHz reference clock via high-frequency, low-jitter phase-locked loops (PLLs). The BCM81141 is fabricated in advanced low-power 16 nm CMOS technology and is available in a RoHS-compliant package.



  • 200GbE (4 × 50G PAM-4) PHY
  • Host side: 4 × 50G PAM-4
  • Line side: 4 × 50G PAM-4
  • IEEE 802.3bs compliance
  • Supports two independent 100G PCS streams
  • CEI-28G/56G MR compliant  
  • Integrated host side AC-coupling caps 
  • Line-side and client-side loopbacks
  • Supports reaches for MMF/SMF fiber links 
  • Low-power 16 nm CMOS design



• 200GbE (4 × 50G) PAM-4 links for MMF/SMF
• 200GbE QSFP56 module form factors

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