Multirate Low-Power 10-Gb/s NRZ/Duobinary Transceiver with 10G Clock

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Fully integrated MSA-compatible multirate SONET/SDH/10-GbE/Fibre-Channel/FEC transceiver operating at 9.953 Gb/s, 10.3125 Gb/s, 10.519 Gb/s, 10.664 Gb/s, 10.709 Gb/s, 11.095 Gb/s, 11.318 Gb/s or 11.352 Gb/s.
On-chip clock synthesis is performed by the high-frequency, low-jitter PLL, allowing the use of a low-frequency reference clock selectable to the line rate divided by either 16 or 64. The 10G TX clock phase is adjustable for clocked driver applications. An on-chip phase detector and charge pump plus external VCXO implement a cleanup PLL. The cleanup PLL can be used to attenuate jitter on the CDR recovered clock for loop timing applications or to provide a low-jitter reference clock from a noisy system clock. Any SONET timing mode may be configured with the BCM8154 timing architecture, making the timing mode and cleanup functions user-selectable in the field rather than during manufacturing, therefore simplifying engineering and manufacturing requirements.


  • Fully integrated multirate CDR, DEMUX, MUX, CMU
  • 300-pin Multisource Agreement (MSA) compatible
  • Compliant to OIF, Telcordia®, ITU-T, XFI specification and IEEE 802.3ae standards
  • Input sensitivity 10 mV peak-to-peak

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