28nm Octal 25G/28G Unidirectional Repeater

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The BCM82109 is a low-power, eight channel 25G/28G unidirectional/simplex repeater (equalizer) that supports data rates from 10G to 28G.
It is designed in 28nm CMOS technology and provides a low-cost solution to compensate channel insertion loss in backplane and front panel applications. At 28G data rates, it provides up to 16dB gain in the receiver Continuous Time Linear Equalizer (CTLE) and up to 6dB in transmitter de-emphasis.

 The BCM82109 has an internal reference generator and does not require an external reference clock. It is equipped with integrated AC-coupling capacitors on all high speed receivers.

 The BCM82109 is footprint-compatible with the BCM82209 and available in an 8mm x 13mm, 135-pin BGA, RoHS-compliant package.


  • Eight channels 25G/28G unidirectional repeater/equalizer
  •  Multiple standard/data rate support from 10G to 28G
  •  Low-power 28nm design, <100 mW per channel
  •  High performance programmable signal conditioning, including up to 16 dB in RX CTLE and up to 6dB in TX de-emphasis
  •  Auto negotiation and link training protocol pass-through between link partners
  •  MDC/MDIO host interface
  •  Broadcom Serial Control (BSC) host interface
  •  Integrated AC-coupling capacitors on all high speed receivers
  •  Reference-less
  •  8mm x 13mm BGA package, 0.8 mm ball pitch
  •  Footprint compatible with the BCM82209 Lite PHY


  • Line Cards
  • Repeaters
  • Top-of-Rack Switches

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Multiport Ultra-Low Power Fast Ethernet Switch


Six-Port Ultra-Low Power Gigabit Ethernet Switch