2.488/2.667-Gb/s SONET/SDH Transceiver

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*Certain versions of this device are not available for sale in Germany or shipment to or from Germany, and these versions should not be used in any product destined for the German market.
The world's lowest-power, highest-integrated and smallest OC-48 SONET transceiver chip. The BCM8220 requires only one-fourth the power dissipation of competitive solutions. It is also the world's first OC-48 transceiver to feature a pin-efficient, four-bit, 622.08 Mb/s LVDS interface, which is the preferred interface standard for next-generation SONET equipment.
The BCM8220 FEC-capable (forward error correction), SONET/SDH transceiver is a fully integrated, SONET OC-48 (2.488/2.667 Gb/s) interface serialization/deserialization device with an integrated clock multiplication unit (CMU) and integrated clock and data recovery (CDR) circuit. Output frequency is selectable at 2.488 Gb/s or 2.667 Gb/s, allowing the user to use the FEC capability. On-chip clock synthesis is performed by the high-frequency, low-jitter, phase-locked loop on the BCM8220 transceiver chip, allowing the use of slower 77.76/155.52 MHz (83.35/166.71 MHz) external transmit clock references.


  • OC-48/STM-16 SONET/SDH transceiver
  •  Selectable full-duplex transmission between standard rate of 2.488 Gb/s or Forward Error Correction rate of 2.667 Gb/s
  •  Single-chip integrated solution containing multiplexer (Mux), clock multiplication unit (CMU), demultiplexer (Demux) and clock data recovery (CDR) functions


  • Add/Drop Multiplexers
  • ATM Switch Backbones
  • EDGE and Terabit Routers
  • Digital Cross Connects
  • Network Interface Cards (NICs)
  • Hubs/Repeaters
  • Transmission Equipment


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High-performance Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) network controller with integrated management controller


x2 PCI Express® Dual-Port Gigabit Ethernet Controller


X4 PCI Express® Quad-Port Gigabit Ethernet Controller