Quad Low-Power Unidirectional 10 GbE Referenceless CDR/Eye Opener®

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Fully integrated multirate CDR with EyeOpener®, limiting amplifier and loss-of-signal detection, operating at 10 GbE. The BCM8325 is ideal for applications in 40 GbE modules and 4x 10 GbE applications, and for retiming 10G signals on line cards for SFI/XFI compliance.
The BCM8325 provides high-jitter tolerance and low-jitter generation, and is designed to comply with Optical Internetworking Forum (OIF) IEEE standard. The BCM8325 can be powered with a single 1.0V supply without any special power supply sequencing requirements. The BCM8325 is available in an 8 mm x 8 mm, 81-pin BGA.


  • Low latency <1ns
  • Integrated limiting amplifier
  • Loss-of-signal detection 
  •  Programmable equalization to accommodate for signal loss, allowing interface over very long PCB traces

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