7-nm 100GbE PAM-4 PHY (4:1) or (2:1)

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The Broadcom® BCM8710x series of devices are the industry’s first and highest performance and lowest power single-chip 100GbE PAM-4 PHY transceiver platform capable of driving 112-Gb/s PAM-4 at 56 Gbaud, while supporting DR/FR/LR optical links.  In 100GbE mode, the BCM87106 converts either four lanes of 25.7815 Gb/s NRZ or two lanes of 53.125 Gb/s (at 26.5625-Gbaud PAM-4) from the client/system side into one lane of 106.25 Gb/s (at 53.125-Gbaud PAM-4) on the line/optics side.  Leveraging Broadcom's market-leading PAM-4 PHY technology platform, the BCM87106 represents the industry's first 100G PAM-4 PHY transceiver available in 7-nm CMOS and includes the required FEC generation and termination capability for DR4 to DR1 break-out mode and longer distance optical links.  The BCM87106 also enables re-use of BCM8740x series advanced API-based firmware for significant module development and deployment time improvements.   


  • Industry leading DSP performance and power efficiency enabling DR/FR/LR optical modules including QSFP28 to meet IEEE and MSA specifications
  • 802.3bs standard-compliant KP4, KR4, and end-to-end FEC bypass operation to support DR4-DR1 break-out and longer distance links
  • Client-side interface compliance to CEI-28G/56G LR supporting long reach (LR) channels
  • Proven PAM-4 architecture supporting multiple optical front-ends including EML, DML, and Silicon Photonics
  • Client-side flexibility to support 100GbE with either 4x25G NRZ or 2x50G PAM-4 physical lanes
  • Advanced API-based PHY firmware with direct compatibility to BCM87400 (400G 8:4 7nm CMOS PAM-4 PHY) to leverage DR4 designs and optimize time to market.
  • Optimized design with proven interoperability with Broadcom switch ASICs and ASSPs using 28Gbaud PAM-4 and NRZ SerDes architecture


  • Hyperscale cloud data center networks
  • Wired infrastructure
  • 100G optical modules 

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