Dual-Channel 10-GbE SFI-to-XAUI™ Transceiver with EDC

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Dual-channel 10-GbE SFI-to-XAUI™ transceiver that incorporates an Electronic Dispersion Compensation (EDC) equalizer supporting SFP+ line-card applications.
The BCM8727 is a multirate PHY targeted for SMF, MMF or copper twin-ax applications interfacing to both limiting-based and linear-based SFP+ and SFP modules. The BCM8727 is fully compliant to the 10-GbE IEEE 802.3aq standard and also supports 1000BASE-X for 1-GbE operation. The BCM8727 is developed using an all-DSP high-speed front-end providing the highest performance and most flexibility for line-card designers. An on-chip microcontroller implements the control algorithm for the DSP core.


  • Dual-channel SFI-to-XAUI transceiver
  • Integrated microcontroller and AGC with a wide dynamic range
  • Single-reference clock input enables use of low-cost 156.25 MHz oscillator
  • Supports low-cost SFP+ copper twin-ax up to 15m

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