Stingray™ SmartNIC adapters and IC

SmartNICs have become a critical component in today’s cloud infrastructure. A SmartNIC allows a cloud provider to move the network, storage and management workloads from the x86 CPUs to the SmartNIC, freeing up costly x86 cores that the cloud provider can sell to its customers.  Since these workloads can use almost 50 percent of all cores in a server processor, moving them to a SmartNIC significantly lowers the overall cost of business for cloud providers.

In addition, a SmartNIC provides clear separation between the cloud provider’s network and the x86 CPUs used by its customers. This clear demarcation is essential to the deployment of the increasingly popular bare metal services, in which the cloud provider does not control the software running on the host. In these bare metal servers, the SmartNIC serves as the management entity for the server and guarantees the integrity of the network.

This host isolation feature also proved critical in light of the Spectre and Meltdown security vulnerabilities that might allow tenants to access the cloud provider's network. The physical separation of memory resources between server and SmartNIC makes this access impossible.

Cloud providers also look to use SmartNIC as a way to deliver deterministic SLAs to their customers. When all infrastructure workloads owned by the provider are offloaded to a SmartNIC, customers using the x86 host can get consistent service attributes, independent of the provider's workloads. 
Critical elements of a modern SmartNIC include: 

  1. General-purpose, high performance CPUs for line rate network and storage offloads
  2. Integrated high-performance, full-featured RNIC
  3. Low-power design that fits on standard half-height, half-length PCIe card and fits in any server




Stingray™ 2×50 Gb High-Performance Data Center SmartNIC

PS225 dual-port 25GbE PCIe Ethernet SmartNIC - Product Image

PS225 - Dual-Port 25GbE PCIe Ethernet SmartNIC

Stingray™ 2x25Gb High-Performance Data Center Smart NIC


PS410T – Quad-Port 10GBASE-T PCIe Ethernet SmartNIC

Stingray™ 4×10GBASE-T High-Performance Data Center SmartNIC


BCM58800 - Stingray™ SmartNIC and Storage Controller IC

100G Data Center SoC with Integrated NetXtreme® Ethernet Controller


Stingray™ Software

Stingray Linux software development kit for SmartNIC and NVMe over Fabrics (NVMe-oF) storage controllers