PS410T – Quad-Port 10GBASE-T PCIe Ethernet SmartNIC

Stingray™ 4×10GBASE-T High-Performance Data Center SmartNIC

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The PS410T 40GbE SmartNIC features the Stingray high-performance data center SoC, which incorporates a 100G NetXtreme® E-Series intelligent network controller, a high-performance ARM CPU block, PCI Express (PCIe) 3.0 x8 interface, key accelerators for compute offload, and a highspeed memory subsystem including L3 cache and DDR4 interfaces—all interconnected by a coherent Network-on-Chip (NoC) fabric.

The network interface is powered by the latest generation of NetXtreme controller technology, delivering a high packet rate and low latency. Support for the NVMe-oF standard is enabled over RoCE (RDMA over Converged Ethernet) v1 and v2 as well as over TCP and other transports, ensuring a future-proof and scalable platform for the deployment of disaggregated storage over a range of topologies. The powerful TruFlow™ configurable flow accelerator adds a powerful packet inspection and processing capability in the hardware, moving common flow-processing workloads into hardware and freeing CPUs for application workloads. The ARM CPU subsystem features eight ARMv8 Cortex-A72 CPUs at 3.0 GHz, arranged in a multi-cluster configuration.

The PS410T Ethernet interface uses a multirate SerDes PHY that is common to Broadcom switch silicon connected to four RJ45 connectors to provide quad-port 10-Gb connectivity. The interface supports direct connection of DAC (direct-attach copper) cables.

The Stingray family of products is supported by a comprehensive Software Development Kit providing a complete turn-key Linux distribution, and the open programming model enables application porting and development with minimal effort. The platform uses standard Linux and standard GNU tools and libraries. All drivers for the Stingray SoC are upstreamed to and all peripheral interfaces use standard device drivers.


  • Quad-port 10GBASE-T for copper networks
  • PCIe NIC in half-height and two-third length
  • PCIe 3.0 x8 Host Interface 
  • Stingray data center SoC: eight 64-bit ARM Cortex-A72 cores at 3.0 GHz with 16 MB cache 
  • Integrated NetXtreme 100GbE NIC 
  • TruFlow configurable flow accelerator 
  • Virtual Switching Offload (OVS Offload, for example) 
  • RoCE v1/v2 support 
  • SR-IOV support 
  • 4 GB of onboard dual-channel DDR4 memory 
  • 100 Gb/s cryptography engine with single-pass hashing and encryption/decryption 
  • 100 Gb/s RAID5, RAID6, and erasure engine 
  • Deduplication (De-Dup) including Rabin Fingerprint, SHA, and MD5 
  • Secure boot 
  • Secure key storage 
  • ARM TrustZone 


  • SmartNIC with Virtual Switching Offload (OVS Offload)
  • Bare Metal Services
  • Storage Services
  • Network Function Virtualization (NFV)

Lifecycle Status


Specification Value
Lifecycle Active
Distrib. Inventory No
Adapter Type PCIe NIC
Link-Speeds 10GbE
Ports 4
Connection RJ45
TruFlow™ Yes
TruManage™ Yes
RoCEv2 Yes
Multi-Host Yes
Smart NICs Yes