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Broadcom offers an IEEE 1588v2 PTP software solution called BroadPTP. The Broadcom IEEE 1588-PTP software solution is purpose-built for next-generation carrier Ethernet edge, mobile backhaul, and data center platforms. The software combines a feature-rich PTP stack with a highly flexible servo to provide an integrated and scalable PTP/IEEE 1588 solution. In addition to transparent clock support, the software supports master and slave modes for boundary clock and ordinary clock applications. One-step Transparent Clock (TC) support is available for all XGS and DNX devices.

The BroadPTP software runs on the devices available with the embedded Cortex Arm R5 and A9 processor of the following highly integrated Broadcom switching devices. Broadcom switches offer unparalleled integration for supporting Ethernet time synchronization. Synchronous Ethernet Clock recovery is supported on any port to enable physical layer clock synchronization. Some of the Broadcom devices also offer an integrated Telecom grade DPLL for recovered clock cleanup, as well as an ITU-T G.823- and G.824-compliant clock synthesizer to reduce overall cost and ease production.

BroadPTP™ software is available in firmware packages fully integrated with the switch development Kit (SDK) distributed through docsafe.

BroadSync is another firmware that enables synchronization between BroadSync slave (switch chip) and BroadSync Master.


  • Boundary Clock (BC) and Ordinary Clock (OC)
  • End-to-end Transparent Clock (TC)
  • One-step timing
  • Highly scalable support ability to sustain timing with 16–128 packets per second
  • Precision sub-1 nanosecond (ns) accuracy
  • Frequency assist support with SyncE
  • Centralized chassis with redundancy
  • Integrated Telecom DPLL for the Carrier network product lines
  • Supports multiple masters
  • Full on-path support for all BC networks
  • Supports G.8275.1, G.8275.2, G.8273.2, ITU-T G.8262.1/Y.1361 and G.8271

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