8-GbE Port Switch with Integrated SerDes

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Highly integrated solution ideally suited for standalone Gigabit Ethernet switches and Gigabit Ethernet control plane and backplane applications.
It combines all the functions of a high-speed switch system — including packet buffer, serializer/deserializer (SerDes), media access controllers, address management and a nonblocking switch fabric — into a single 0.13-micron CMOS device. The BCM5389 complies with IEEE 802.3, 802.3u, 802.3ab and 802.3x specifications, including the MAC control, pause frame and autonegotiation subsections, providing compatibility with all industry standard Ethernet, Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet devices. For documentation and support, visit Broadcom Communities


  • Low-power 0.13-micron 1.2 V CMOS core: <1.5W Pd.
  • Eighth-generation switch on a chip
  • Enables a new generation of lower-cost switches with Gigabit Ethernet connectivity and much smaller form factors.
  • Uses field-proven industry-standard Gigabit Ethernet SerDes, which lowers overall system interoperability and reliability risks.


  • Servers


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