High-Bandwidth 1GbE/10GbE/40GbE Multilayer Ethernet Switch

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Advanced switch that delivers more than 100 Gb/s of line-rate performance, designed for enterprise and campus deployments.
Built on the proven XGS™ architecture, the BCM56547 has large forwarding tables and fast stacking, which makes it ideal for large enterprise and campus deployments. With its native wireless integration, the BCM56547 enables cost-effective integration of wired and wireless infrastructure.


  • Integrated 5000 DMIPS dual-core CPU
  • Nonblocking 170 Gb/s switching core
  • Standards-based GbE, 10GbE and 40GbE support
  • Flexible unified forwarding table
  • CAPWAP tunnel port for unified wired/wireless switching
  • Network HiGig™ stacking support
  • Layer 2 GRE tunneling
  • XGS Smart Buffer support

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28nm Octal 25G/28G Unidirectional Repeater


28nm Octal 25G/28G Bidirectional Repeater


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