Multiport Ultra-Low Power Fast Ethernet Switch

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The BCM53106 is Broadcom's lowest power consumption integrated Ethernet switch for next-generation Home Gateway, SOHO/SMB and wireless router applications. Building on the industry-leading 28 nm RoboSwitch™ architecture, the BCM53106 allows customers to significantly reduce power consumption of existing designs, while delivering higher performance to meet the growing bandwidth demands in the home and SOHO/SMB environments.
The BCM53106 supports an advanced suit of features required by top tier service providers for home and SOHO/SMB gateways, especially in areas of VLAN bridging, QoS and Access-List classification. In the area of QoS, for example, the device supports six selectable classes of service per port, plus two additional time-sensitive classes. It supports Port based, IEEE 802.1P, TOS and DSCP-based CoS mapping. It supports SP, WRR and WDRR scheduling (and mix of the three) and it supports both ingress and egress rate control (a.k.a. metering and shaping).


  • 4xEPHY integrated, 1xRGMII and 1xRGMII/SGMII (1G/2.5 Gb/s) interfaces
  • Cost-effective, Ultra low power (green power saving modes supported), smart-managed Gigabit switch with Integrated on-chip 8051 microcontroller
  • Advanced bridging: 4K MAC Table (also-known- as FDB, ARL or Learning tables)
  • Advanced bridging: 802.1q vlan bridging
  • Advanced bridging: Port based Vlan filtering
  • Advanced bridging: 802.1ad (QinQ)
  • Advanced bridging: Up to 8 spanning trees
  • Advanced bridging: 128 multicast groups
  • Advanced QoS: 8 queues per port (2 dedicated for time sensitive applications)
  • Advanced QoS: IEEE 802.1p, MAC Port, TOS, and DiffServ Class-Of- Service mapping
  • Advanced QoS: SP, WRR, WDRR scheduling and combinations of the three
  • Advanced QoS: RED/WRED and tail-drop congestion avoidance mechanisms
  • Advanced QoS: Rate control protecting against traffic flooding of unknown unicasts/broadcasts/
  • Advanced QoS: Advanced Compact Field Processor (CFP)
  • Advanced QoS: 128 CFP rules
  • Advanced QoS: L1 to L4 filtering (physical ports to TCP/UDP ports)
  • Advanced QoS: Advanced Two-Rate Three Color Metering (compliant with RFC2698, RFC 4115 and MEF 10.2)
  • Broadsync® HD for IEEE 802.1AS support: Two dedicated queues for time sensitive traffic
  • Broadsync® HD for IEEE 802.1AS support: Time stamping ingress and egress CPU generated frames
  • Broadsync® HD for IEEE 802.1AS support: Time slot transmission received for Broadsync traffic.


  • Broadband Access Devices

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Specification Value
Lifecycle Active
Distrib. Inventory No
SerDes / GPHY 5 EPHY, 2 x 1G
I/O Bandwidth (Gbps) 3


28nm Octal 25G/28G Unidirectional Repeater