BCM88600 Series

100-Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) Capable Switching Silicon

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Represents the industry's first 100 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) capable switching silicon.
The BCM88600 series integrates the features and functionality of an entire high-performance line card into a single chip, thus enabling a new generation of networking solutions. The series features the only merchant silicon solution that can process a single stream of 100GbE at Layer 2-Layer 4 with integrated traffic management capabilities. The BCM88600 series allows OEMs to build scalable modular switching platforms with capacity ranging from 100 Gigabits per second (Gb/s) to 100 Terabits per second (Tb/s). The series can be used to build a variety of network switch solutions, from small fixed standalone configurations to large modular chassis-based solutions. Multiple chassis of different sizes can be seamlessly interconnected via a two-stage fabric element (e.g. FE600), delivering thousands of wirespeed 10GE/40GE/100GE ports. The unified infrastructure enables system vendors to build a single scalable product line sharing the same switching infrastructure to address a variety of densities and applications.


  • Offers several variations designed to meet the needs of specific applications including data centers, enterprise, optical transport networks (OTNs), routers and other service provider systems
  • Dynamically load balance traffic over the integrated fabric interface, allowing automatic fault detection and recovery with no software intervention
  • Includes a flexible SerDes-based network interface supporting various standards, such as SGMII, QSGMII, XAUI, RXAUI, XAUI+ (SPAUI), QSGMII+ and Interlaken
  • Offers industry-leading traffic management capabilities, providing programmable hierarchical scheduling and shaping tens of thousands of traffic flows and aggregates per device
  • TDM/OTN cross-connect is supported offering CBR with no buffering in external memory, reducing latency and total number of components required for a system and lowering power consumption
  • Some devices include a programmable packet processor supporting a variety of enterprise, metro-Ethernet and data center-related services such as bridging, IPv4/IPv6 routing, MPLS, L2VPNs, L3VPNs, OAM, TRILL and FCoE
  • The integrated packet processor uses on-chip databases with optional off-chip expandability. The processing logic is programmable by micro-code
  • Supported by Broadcom's common Application Programming Interface (API)


  • Carrier and Service Provider Servers (switching)
  • Data Center Servers (switching)

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Specification Value
Lifecycle Active
Distrib. Inventory No
SerDes / GPHY 48 x 10G
I/O Bandwidth (Gbps) 480
Bandwidth Uom Gbps
PHY Type 10GE
I/O Controller PowerPC 476 @ 1.2 GHz
Bus Interface
Transfer Rates Supports 12, 6, and 3Gb/s SAS and 6, 3Gb/s SATA data transfer rates
External Memory Interfaces Flash ROM, NVSRAM
I/O BANDWIDTH (Gbps) 480 Gbps


28nm Octal 25G/28G Unidirectional Repeater


28nm Octal 25G/28G Bidirectional Repeater


Instrumentation software suite