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The Broadcom® BCM88770 is the fourth generation in the StrataDNX™ product line of Fabric Element (FE) devices and is a self-routing cell-based switching element. Together with the BCM88670 and BCM88680, the BCM88770 provides a complete solution for switching fabric, traffic management, packet processing, and network interfaces. Switching platforms can scale up to 6,000 100GbE ports.

The BCM88770 provides scalability in three dimensions: port rates, port count, and traffic management services, allowing the user to connect mixed-rate line cards, for example 100 Gbps through 3.6 Tbps each, with various traffic management schemes.

The BCM88770 is used to build a variety of network switch solutions:

• Over 100 Tbps core/edge switches with singlestage fabric for data center, packet transport, or carrier network applications.

• Multiple interconnected chassis of different capacities, using the BCM88770 two-stage fabric to create a scalable core platform that delivers up to 6,000 ports of 100GbE or their 40GbE/10GbE equivalents.


• Self-routing device with dynamic load balancing

• Support for single-stage and three-stage fabric configurations

• Interconnects up to 1K of BCM88670 devices in a system

• Switches destination-routed and source-routed data cells and control cells

• Supports fabric multicast and multicast load balancing

• Support for three pipes with flexible allocation,

e.g., TDM/OTN - Unicast Data - Multicast Data

• Configurable SerDes rate

• Automatic fault detection

Scheduled device removal and device insertion without cell loss

• Parallel local processor interface using two lanes PCIe Gen2 for configuration, monitoring, and statistics

• Option for Broadcom Serial Control (BSC)

• In-band management and configuration

• Built-in SerDes FEC, retransmit (BEC), and PRBS

Lifecycle Status


Specification Value
Lifecycle Active
Distrib. Inventory No
SerDes / GPHY NA
Bandwidth 3.6Tb/s
Fabric 144 x 25G
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