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The Broadcom® BCM88790 is the fifth generation in the StrataDNX™ product line of Fabric Element (FE) devices, and is a self-routing cell-based switching element. Together with the BCM88690, the BCM88790 provides a complete solution for switching fabric, traffic management, packet processing, and network interfaces. Switching platforms can scale up to 24,000 100GbE ports or 6,000 400GbE ports. The BCM88790 provides scalability in three dimensions: port rates, port count, and traffic management services, allowing the user to connect mixed-rate line cards, for example 100 Gbps through 9.6 Tbps each, with various traffic management schemes.

The BCM88790 is used to build a variety of network switch solutions:

• Over 460 Tbps core/edge switches with singlestage fabric for data center, packet transport, or carrier network applications.

• Multiple interconnected chassis of different capacities, using the BCM88790 two-stage fabric to create a scalable core platform that delivers up to 6,000 ports of 400GbE


  • Self-routing device with dynamic load balancing
  • Support for single-stage and three-stage fabric configurations
  • Interconnects up to 1K of BCM88690 devices in a system
  • Switches destination-routed and source-routed data cells and control cells
  • Supports fabric multicast and multicast load balancing
  • Support for three pipes with flexible allocation,
    e.g., TDM/OTN - Unicast Data - Multicast Data
  • Configurable SerDes rate
  • Automatic fault detection
  • Scheduled device removal and device insertion without cell loss
  • Parallel local processor interface using two lanes PCIe Gen3 for configuration, monitoring, and statistics
  • Option for Broadcom Serial Control (BSC)
  • In-band management and configuration
  • Built-in SerDes FEC and PRBS

Lifecycle Status


Specification Value
Lifecycle Active
Distrib. Inventory No
SerDes / GPHY NA
Bandwidth 9.6Tb/s
Fabric 192 x 50G
Product Brief1 i