BCM56720 Series

16-Port 256-Gb/s HiGig™/HigGig2™ Switch Fabric

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Designed to enable next-generation modular and stackable Ethernet switching systems based on Broadcom's industry-leading StrataXGS® family of switches.
The features, integration and low cost of the BCM56720 set a new standard in switch fabric design, enabling systems vendors to build scalable, cost-effective, next-generation switching systems. The high level of integration dramatically reduces the design complexity and power consumption of modular chassis systems. The BCM56720 integrates all the serializer/deserializer (SerDes) circuitry associated with all 16 fabric ports. Each SerDEs interface is CX-4 and can directly drive 16 Gb/s of data across InfiniBand® cable or chassis backplane. The BCM56720 provides wirespeed switching performance across all ports simultaneously. Each HiGig™/ HigGig2™ interface can run at 16 Gb/s full-duplex, resulting in 256 Gb/s of full-duplex switching bandwidth. The BCM56720 switch fabric design provides a solution that is cost-effective in small-chassis configurations and can scale to multiterabit operation using multiple switch fabric stages.


  • Provides 16 HiGig/HiGig2 (HG) ports, each of the HG ports individually supports 10G, 12G, 13G and 16G speeds with HiGig or HiGig2 protocols
  • Line rate full-duplex switching for 256+ Gb/s
  • High level of scalability and integration enables unprecedented 1-GbE and 10-GbE port densities in Enterprise modular applications
  • Robust integrated SerDes, on-chip packet buffer memory and PLLs accelerate system design, drastically reduce cost and conserve board space


  • Top-of-Rack Switches
  • Data Center Servers (switching)
  • Blade Servers
  • Storage Area Networks
  • Switches
  • Network Attached Storage

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Specification Value
Lifecycle Active
Distrib. Inventory No
SerDes / GPHY 16 x HG[16]
I/O Bandwidth (Gbps) 640
Bandwidth UOM Gbps
I/O BANDWIDTH (Gbps) 640 Gbps


28nm Octal 25G/28G Unidirectional Repeater


28nm Octal 25G/28G Bidirectional Repeater


Multiport Ultra-Low Power Fast Ethernet Switch