BCM56740 Series

480/640 Gb/s Switch Fabric

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*Certain versions of this device are not available for sale in Germany or shipment to or from Germany, and these versions should not be used in any product destined for the German market.
High-performance 480/640 Gb/s network fabric with 18 integrated Warpcores™.
Each WarpCore has four integrated 10G serializers/deserializers (SerDes) for native support of HiGig+™ and HiGig2™ at speeds of 10G, 12G, 13G, 16G, 21G, 25G, 32G and 42G to support a wide range of configurations. The BCM56740 is a purpose-built fabric chip designed to address performance and service requirements for enterprise, data center and Metro Ethernet markets. The BCM56740 architecture is optimized for maximum density with minimum power and board footprint and maintains software compatibility across the StrataXGS® product family to simplify customer designs and reduce customer time-to-market.


  • Congestion management capabilities including destination module flow control and dynamic HiGig™ load balancing
  • Robust, proven architecture based upon StrataXGS and can operate with multiple StrataXGS device families to build coherent switch systems
  • Stacking ports can operate from 10G up to 42G using the HiGig or HiGig2 protocols
  • Port trunking and remote mirroring support
  • x2 PCIe™ Gen 2.0 interface to support a local CPU
  • Scalable architecture supporting high-performance switch designs of 5 Tb/s and beyond


  • Data Center Servers (switching)

Lifecycle Status


Specification Value
Lifecycle Active
Distrib. Inventory No
SerDes / GPHY 64 x HG[11]
I/O Bandwidth (Gbps) 640
Bandwidth Uom Gbps
Package 27x27 mm
PHY Type 10GE
External Memory Interfaces 8-bit and 16-bit Flash, w/ 6 Chip Selects SRAM, NVSRAM
I/O BANDWIDTH (Gbps) 640 Gbps


28nm Octal 25G/28G Unidirectional Repeater


28nm Octal 25G/28G Bidirectional Repeater


Multiport Ultra-Low Power Fast Ethernet Switch