Full-Band Capture

Broadcom Pioneers Breakthrough in Digital Tuner Design - Full-Band Capture

Drives Faster Broadband Speeds and TV Everywhere to Bring the Connected Home to Life

Accelerates the Drive to Hybrid IP Home Networking

The next-generation connected home requires more broadcast and broadband bandwidth to deploy new services, offer more channels and accelerate downloads.

Broadcom's Full-Band Capture (FBC) digital tuner technology meets this need by directly digitizing the entire 1GHz downstream spectrum, replacing multiple tuners with a single Full-Band Capture digital tuner.

Broadcom's innovative tuner design reduces the cost to transition current cable platforms to hybrid IP-based solutions, allowing cable operators to offer consumers new high-bandwidth services, hundreds of HD broadcast channels, thousands of video-on-demand programs and multi-megabit network access.

With a hybrid IP cable architecture along with more devices becoming connected, operators can stream live broadcast, DVR programs, over-the-top and user-generated content both within the home and to portable devices for on-the-go entertainment.

Driving the next frontier in TV and broadband, Broadcom's Full-Band Capture integrated into DOCSIS 3.0 cable gateways, hybrid IP cable and satellite set-top boxes shrinks the costs of bringing additional video streams and IP services to connected devices in the home.

Full-Band Capture Product Family

  • BCM312x Full-Band Capture Digital Multi-Receiver SoC Product Family: Delivering the cable tuner density and performance that operators need to convert current cable systems to hybrid IP-based video platforms, Broadcom's technology provides scalable bandwidth while reducing power, cost and simplifying cable tuner design. Hybrid IP cable STBs will more efficiently bring additional broadcast video streams and IP services to connected devices in the home ecosystem.

  • BCM3383 Full-Band Capture Cable Gateway SoC: Broadcom's third generation DOCSIS 3.0 cable gateway solution combines FBC with dual-band concurrent Wi-Fi and a custom applications processor, driving the proliferation of applications and advanced services throughout the home.


    "Residential gateways that include Wi-Fi and routing capabilities will overtake broadband modem shipments in the next three years. This segment of CPE devices is expected to increase at the fastest pace of all access technologies." Norm Bogen, Vice President of Research, In-Stat, part of the NPD Group Inc.

  • BCM4528 Full-Band Capture Satellite Set-Top Box SoC: Broadcom's FBC technology digitizes the entire 950-2150 MHz satellite spectrum, replacing multiple discrete tuners with only one FBC chipset. This enables bandwidth deployment flexibility, reduced power consumption and faster channel change with Broadcom's FastRTV. Broadcom's FBC satellite technology enables lower overall complexity and system costs by replacing up to eight satellite chips and achieving more than 65 percent reduction in the number of connections between front-end and back-end devices.

  • Connected Home: Broadcom's whole-home connected lifestyle lets consumers experience infotainment content wherever and whenever they want it, from the TV to the tablet and beyond. With a complete home networking portfolio including support for DLNA, MoCA, Powerline, Wi-Fi and Ethernet, Broadcom is enabling the sharing of multimedia content (UGC, commercial and OTT) throughout the home and beyond, regardless of infrastructure.