Optical Components for Broadband Networking

Broadcom is a global technology leader in Indium Phosphide (InP) based optical components. Our products enable applications in the Fiber-To-The-Home (FTTH), Mobile Broadband Internet Access, high performance computing, Datacenter and Enterprise Networking, Metro and Long-Haul Data Communications markets.

A unique set of optical device integration and manufacturing capabilities enable both hybrid integration using different elements in a single package, and monolithic integration on a single chip.

Broadcom’s Optical Components now include Cosemi’s photodetector business. For information on those products, visit the Cosemi photodiodes page.

Digital Optics

Unique products that include, single-sided and double-sided wafer processing, diffractive and refractive lenses, metal patterns and apertures, and dielectic coatings.

Optical Transmit and Receive Subassemblies

Broadcom offers a wide portfolio of optical transmit and receive subassemblies suitable for LAN/ data center, metro and long-haul applications.


Broadcom offers a wide portfolio of TO-Can packaged lasers and detectors, for FTTx, Wireless Backhaul and other applications.