Fast Ethernet and Industrial Fiber Optics

Fiber Optic Components for Industrial, Automation, Power Generation/Distribution, Transportation, Gaming and Medical Applications
Broadcom is the world’s leading provider of fiber optic transmitters, receivers, and transceivers. Broadcom offers unmatched quality with high-volume, cost-effective manufacturing techniques. Industry leaders and small firms alike turn to Broadcom for their industrial fiber optic needs.
Designed to operate in environments requiring reliable data transmission where the highest electrical isolation and EMI immunity are needed, applications include:
  • Factory automation at Fast Ethernet speeds
  • IPTV connection high-speed gateway to set-top boxes
  • Home networking
  • Industrial automation application
  • Factory automation
  • Industrial networking and fieldbuses
  • Audio visual links and datalinks
  •  High-voltage conversion
  • IGBT, GTO, IGCT power electronics
  • High-voltage isolation
  • Gaming
  •  Human machine interfaces
  • In-car entertainment


Automotive Products

Plastic optical fiber components for in-car entertainment and information systems.

Cables, Evaluation Kits and Accessories

Cables, Kits and accessories designed to help you evaluate Broadcom products.

High Galvanic Isolation Link

Short link products are cost-effective semiconductor products that provide up to 50kV transient galvanic isolation on a single PCB.

Fiber Optics Transceivers

This comprehensive line of high-performance industrial fiber optic transceivers reliably supports a wide range of industrial data networking standards and speeds.

Industrial Transmitters and Receivers

Fiber optic transmitters and receivers designed to operate reliably in data transmission applications.

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Optical Fiber Sensors

Industrial sensor transceiver products enabling smart sensing with optical fiber.

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