Evaluation Kit for HFBR-1414PTZ Transmitter & AFBR-2419TZ Receiver, up to 50MBd

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The Broadcom AFBR-0550Z is an industrial fiber optics evaluation kit providing system designers a convenient means to evaluate the performance of the HFBR-1414PTZ fiber optic transmitter and the AFBR-2419TZ fiber optic receiver.
The AFBR-0550Z evaluation board comes with pre-mounted components: an HFBR-1414PTZ transmitter used as a reference transmitter; an AFBR-2419TZ receiver; two SMA connectors for input/output signals; and two 2-pin headers, one for monitoring the electrical input signal supplied to the transmitter section of the evaluation board and the other for monitoring the electrical output signal generated by the receiver. An extra 2-pin header is also available to measure the RSSI-equivalent voltage (RSSI). This voltage is measured through a 2kΩ resistor. The evaluation board is equipped with four 2mm jacks for 5V supply voltage used for both the transmitter and the receiver.



The AFBR-0550Z evaluation kit includes:
  • An evaluation board with HFBR-1414PTZ and AFBR-2419TZ
  • 1-meter-long ST/ST 62.5-μm multimode fiber
  • 1-meter-long ST/ST 200-μm PCS fiber
  • Application note 5577

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