50MBd Miniature Link Fiber Optic Receiver with ST port

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The AFBR-2419Z fiber optic receiver is designed to operate with the Broadcom HFBR-14xxZ/-1712TZ fiber optic transmitters and multimode glass fiber cable. Consistent coupling into the receiver is assured by the optical system with lens. The receiver output is a digital CMOS/TTL signal. The AFBR-2419Z receiver contains an IC with integrated photodiode which directly converts the incoming optical signal to a digital output signal without the requisite for additional external circuitry. Because of its integrated design, the receiver has very high EMC resistance. A wide receiver dynamic range and high sensitivity over temperature is achievable. The data rate typically goes from 100kBd to 50MBd. A monitor (RSSI) output, which delivers an output current proportional to the average incoming light power, is available.



  •  RoHS-compliant
  •  Works with Broadcom HFBR-14xxZ (820nm LED) and HFBR-1712TZ (850nm VCSEL) transmitters
  •  Data transmission at signal rates from 100 kBd up to 50 MBd
  •  Receiver: Integrated PIN diode and digitalizing IC with CMOS/TTL output logic
  •  Up to 3 km distance with Multimode Glass Fiber Cable
  •  Operating temperature range of -40°C to +85°C
  •  Compatible with 10Base-FL standard
  •  3.3 V and 5 V supply voltage operation
  •  RSSI output


  • Optical transmission from 100 kBd up to 50 MBd
  • Industrial control and factory automation
  • High voltage isolation
  • Elimination of ground loops
  • Reduces voltage transient susceptibility
  • Power substation automation

Lifecycle Status


Substance Compliance

  • RoHS6
    Fully Compliant
Specification Value
Lifecycle Active
Distrib. Inventory Yes
Data Rate 50 MBd
Fiber Type Multimode Glass
Interface Logic TTL
Transmitter/Receiver Receiver
RoHS6 Compliant Y
Maximum Distance (m) 3000
Nominal Optical Wavelength (nm) 820
Pwr Supply In V 3.3V/5V
Form Factor Industrial (820nm)
Comment RSSI output
Application Note1 i
Data Sheet1 i


50MBd Miniature Link Fiber Optic Receiver with metal ST port


50MBd Miniature Link Fiber Optic Receiver with threaded ST port


50MBd Miniature Link Fiber Optic Receiver with SMA port