2 MBd High Power Optical Transmitter for SERCOS Applications, 2x4, RoHS Compliant

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The HFBR-0600Z components are capable of operation at symbol rates from DC to over 2 MBd and distances from 0 to over 20 metres. The HFBR-1602Z and HFBR-1604Z transmitters contain a 655-nm AlGaAs emitter capable of efficiently launching optical power into 1000 mm plastic optical fiber. The optical output is specified at the end of 0.5 m of plastic optical fiber. The HFBR-1604Z is a selected version of the HFBR-1602Z, with power specified to meet the SERCOS high attenuation specifications.
The HFBR-2602Z receiver incorporates an integrated photo IC containing a photodetector and dc amplifier driving an open-collector Schottky output transistor. The HFBR-2602Z is designed for direct interfacing to popular logic families. The absence of an internal pullup resistor allows the open-collector output to be used with logic families such as CMOS requiring voltage excursions higher than VCC. The HFBR-2602Z has a dynamic range of 15 dB.


  • RoHS-ccompliant
  • Fully compliant to SERCOS optical specifications
  • Optimized for 1 mm plastic optical fiber
  • Compatible with SMA connectors
  • Auto-insertable and wave solderable
  • Data transmission at symbol rates from dc to over 2 MBd for distances from 0 to over 20 metres
  • Lifecycle Status


    Substance Compliance

    • RoHS6
      Fully Compliant
    Specification Value
    Lifecycle Active
    Distrib. Inventory Yes
    Connector Type SMA
    Emitter LED
    Fiber Type Plastic Optical Fiber (POF)
    RoHS6 Compliant Y
    Maximum Distance (m) 20
    Nominal Optical Wavelength (nm) 650
    Power (W) 5
    Data Rate DC-2 MBd
    Lead (Pb Free) 1 i
    White Papers2 i