Optical Power Converter 4VDC, FC Port

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AFBR-POC204L belongs to the Broadcom Power Components product family and converts optical power to electrical power for applications requiring complete electrical isolation in highly demanding industrial environments and applications. AFBR-POC204L is an excellent choice for powering electronic circuitry where electrical-wired solutions are not feasible due to high voltage, electromagnetic inductance or strong magnetic fields.

AFBR-POC204L is a multi-junction compound semiconductor device that provides operating voltages for typical 3 VDC applications.


  • RoHS-compliant
  • Power over Fiber (PoF) component providing 100% galvanic isolation
  • Supplies up to 600mW of electrical power over the full operating range
  • Operating temperature range of –40°C to +85°C
  • FC port optimized for efficient coupling to MM fibers with commonly available NA
  • Easy heat sink mounting for thermal control


Optical power converters can power devices, such as:

  • High voltage current sensors and transducers
  • E-field and H-field probes
  • MRI/RF imaging coils and patient monitoring equipment
  • Power conditioning circuitry
  • Wireless transmitters
  • Aircraft sensors and transducers

Lifecycle Status


Substance Compliance

  • RoHS6
    Fully Compliant
Specification Value
Lifecycle Active
Distrib. Inventory Yes
RoHS6 Compliant Y
Connector Type FC
Fiber Type Multimode Glass
Output Voltage [V] 3.7
Optical Wavelength [nm] 800 - 850
Max. Output Power [mW] 600
Operating Temperature [C°] -40 to +85