Fiber Optics Transceivers

Industrial fiber optic transceivers provide the system designer with the ability to implement Industrial Fast Ethernet (100 Mb/s) or Ethernet (10 Mb/s) over 50 meter standard bandwidth 0.5±0.05 NA POF and 100 meter standard bandwidth 0.37±0.04 NA HCS fiber. The industrial fast ethernet transceiver package consists of four basic elements; two optical subassemblies, an electrical subassembly and the housing.

The SFP and SFF families provide the system designer with products to implement a range of solutions for multimode fiber SONET OC-3 (SDH STM-1) physical layers for ATM and other services.


Fiber optic optical transceivers in the 1x9 form factor.

Connectorless and SMI

The innovative bare fiber locking mechanism provides a simple insert-and-lock connection for POF cable eliminating the need for connectors. This facilitates fast installation and maintenance.


The connectivity available for the transceivers is SC-RJ, which is standard for ProfiNet applications.


Small form factor optical transceiver modules designed to implement a range of solutions for multimode fiber Fast Ethernet.


Small form pluggable low voltage optical tranceivers.

Versatile Link

The compact Versatile Link duplex connector is compatible with existing simplex Versatile Link connectors and features a very compact design.