Designed to unleash performance and deliver operational stability for the virtualized, all-flash data center, Brocade Directors are a modular building block for increased scalability to accommodate growth for large-scale enterprise infrastructures. With data center-proven availability, seamless scalability, and high-performance, Brocade Directors are the right platform for large enterprise environments that require increased capacity, greater throughput, and higher levels of resiliency.

  Brocade X6-8 Director Brocade X6-4 Director Brocade DCX 8510-8 Backbone Brocade DCX 8510-4 Backbone
Usable Ports 512 @ 32 Gb/s 256 @ 32 Gb/s 512 @ 16 Gb/s 256 @ 16 Gb/s

Port Bandwidth

16 Tb/s 8 Tb/s 8 Tb/s 4 Tb/s
Ultrascale ICL bandwidth 4 Tb/s 2 Tb/s 2 Tb/s 1 Tb/s
Switching Latency Through Backplane with FEC 2.6 μs 2.6 μs 3.8 μs 3.8 μs
Local Switching Latency with FEC <780 ns <780 ns 1.1 μs 1.1 μs
Upgrade to next-generation technology Easy upgrade to Gen 7 Easy upgrade to Gen 7 Not upgradeable Not upgradeable
FICON support Yes Yes Yes Yes
Brocade SAN Automation Available Available Available Available
Fabric Vision monitoring and diagnostics Available Available Available Available
IO Insight latency monitoring Available, includes NVMe metrics Available, includes NVMe metrics Not available Not available
Flow-level monitoring Frame and I/O-level Frame and I/O-level Frame-level Frame-level