Brocade FC32-64 Blade

Greater scalability, efficiency, and flexibility with the High-Density Fibre Channel Port Blade

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Designed to support storage growth, demanding workloads, and data center consolidation, the Brocade FC32-64 Port Blade delivers unmatched 32 Gb/s performance, industry-leading port density, and multiprotocol flexibility. It can effectively scale the Brocade X6 Director to build high-density SAN fabrics that maximize productivity and increase the efficiency of storage investments. By combining Brocade’s robust Gen 6 capabilities with multiprotocol flexibility and enhanced latency monitoring of NVMe over Fibre Channel traffic, the Brocade FC32-64 Port Blade enables a seamless transition to the all-flash data center and drives IT innovation.

Increasing scalability while maximizing space utilization: The Brocade FC32-64 Fibre Channel port blade provides 64 32 Gbps ports in an elegant, high-density form factor. The Brocade X6 Director can now scale even further, up to 512 ports, offering 33 percent more device ports while increasing total system bandwidth up to 20 Tb/s. Organizations can effectively scale to build high-density fabrics to meet data growth demands, handle more workloads, and drive efficiency by maximizing rack space.

Reducing complexity with simplified connectivity: Designed with Q-Flex connections using Quad Small Form-factor Pluggable (QSFP) connectors for device and ISL connectivity to Brocade Gen 6 switches, the Brocade FC32-64 port blade provides a 4-to-1 cabling reduction. As a result, 75 percent fewer cables are required, simplifying cable management and enabling the Brocade X6 Director to integrate seamlessly into a structured cabling infrastructure.

Adapting to next-gen storage requirements with flexible deployment options: The Brocade FC32-64 Port Blade increases flexibility with multiprotocol connectivity, allowing administrators to seamlessly adapt to next-generation requirements and design architectures with concurrent Fibre Channel, NVMe, or FCoE connectivity options. With proactive monitoring of NVMe over Fibre Channel traffic, organizations gain insight for maintaining optimal network health and performance.


Increase scalability

  • Scale the Brocade X6 Director up to 512 ports with 64 32 Gb/s ports
  • Maximize space utilization with 33 percent more device connectivity
  • Handle more workloads with increased total Brocade X6 system bandwidth up to 20 Tb/s

Simplify connectivity

  • Simplify core to edge switch connectivity with 75 percent fewer cables
  • Reduce failure points and improve reliability with an efficient, consolidated cabling solution
  • Integrate the Brocade X6 Director seamlessly into an existing structured cabling infrastructure with QSFPs

Enable flexibility

  • Design flexible architectures with concurrent FC, FCoE or NVMe connectivity options
  • Optimize performance with enhanced monitoring of both NVMe and FC traffic
  • Enable flexible connectivity for both device and ISLs between Gen 6 switches with Q-Flex ports

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Fibre Channel Ports 16 QSFP ports (64 total ports); E_Ports, F_Ports, M_Ports, EX_Ports, D_Ports, and VE_Ports
Fibre Channel Performance 4.25 Gbps line speed, full duplex; 8.5 Gbps line speed, full duplex; 14.025 Gbps line speed, full duplex; 28.05 Gbps line speed, full duplex; auto-sensing of 4, 8, 16, and 32 Gbps port speeds.
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