Brocade 7800 Extension Switch

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Whether supporting point-to-point or multi-site SAN extensions, the Brocade 7800 Extension Switch meets demanding business continuity, compliance, and global data access requirements. With 16 8 Gbps Fibre Channel ports and six 1 GbE ports, this enterprise-class extension switch delivers the bandwidth, port density, and throughput that keep applications flowing over your WAN.

A scalable, flexible, SAN extension platform: Build a high-performance SAN extension infrastructure and meet disaster recovery and data protection needs. Benefit from cost-effective IP WAN transport that extends storage applications over distance.

Recover from disaster, protect data faster: With advanced protection and storage network optimization, the Brocade 7800 helps replication and backup applications transmit more data faster over FCIP links. That protects your high-priority traffic and optimizes available WAN bandwidth.

Evolve your network for dynamic data growth: The Brocade 7800 helps you manage user demand and the requirements of virtualized data centers. Fibre Channel and FCIP switch port density, bandwidth optimization, and fast throughput address ever-changing I/O and workloads requirements.

Manage more easily, avoid problems: Maximize uptime and simplify management. Gain visibility—and insight—into what’s happening across your SAN fabric. The Brocade 7800 Extension Switch with Fabric Vision technology helps administrators avoid glitches, reduce costs, and keep applications running at peak efficiency.

Leverage Brocade’s integrated architecture: Using the same operating system that supports the entire Brocade SAN fabric, the Brocade 7800 Extension Switch easily accesses advanced features. Equally, you can handle a wide range of tasks with familiar management tools like Brocade Network Advisor.


Simplified SAN extension

  • Support a variety of architectures and deployment models
  • Expedite synchronous and asynchronous open systems disk replication with the Brocade 7800 4/2 configuration
  • Support large-enterprise disk and tape solutions with the Brocade 7800 16/6 package


Easier recovery and protection

  • Accelerate synchronous and asynchronous replication with FastWrite
  • Reduce backup and recovery times over distance with Tape Pipelining
  • Provide FCIP tunnel redundancy for lossless path failover and guaranteed in-order delivery
  • Ensure six-nines availability with hot-pluggable hardware and non-disruptive software upgrades


Support for data center evolution from extension technologies

  • Support up to 350 ms RTT latency over 133,000-mile distances
  • Provide load balancing and network failure resiliency with Extension Trunking
  • Optimize bandwidth utilization and sharing with Adaptive Rate Limiting
  • Offer differentiated priority handling of initiator-target flows with FCIP QoS
  • Encrypt data-in-flight with industry standard 256-bit AES


Simplified management, robust network analytics

  • Provide comprehensive views of SAN fabric with Brocade Flow Monitor
  • Simplify threshold configuration and monitoring with the Monitoring and Alerting Policy Suite (MAPS)
  • Alert administrators to SAN fabric congestion and latency with Fabric Performance Impact (FPI) Monitoring
  • Offer customizable health and performance views via Brocade Network Advisor integration


Integrated architecture and management

  • Allow legacy management applications to support Brocade FICON environments with FICON Control unit port
  • Support Brocade Gen 5 Fibre Channel products
  • Integrate advanced features such as Brocade Fabric Vision


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Data Sheet

[PDF] Brocade Fabric Vision Technology

Provides powerful integrated monitoring management and diagnostic tools to simplify administration increase operational stability and reduce costs.

Specification Value
Lifecycle Active
Fibre Channel Ports 16 ports; E, F, M, EX, and FL ports
Ethernet Ports 6 ports, 1 GbE (VE, VEX)
Port Types FL_Port, F_Port, E_Port, EX_Port, and M_Port (Mirror Port). For FCIP, VE_Port (Virtual E_Port), VEX_Port (Virtual EX_Port).
Class_of_Service Class 2, Class 3, Class F (inter-switch frames)
Fibre Channel Performance 1.063 Gbps line speed, full duplex; 2.125 Gbps line speed, full duplex; 4.25 Gbps line speed, full duplex; 8.5 Gbps line speed, full duplex. Auto-sensing of 1 Gbps, 2 Gbps, 4 Gbps, and 8 Gbps port speeds; optionally programmable to fixed port speed. Speed matching between 1 Gbps, 2 Gbps, 4 Gbps, and 8 Gbps ports
Size (mm) 432(W) x 45(H)x 641(D)
Certified Maximum Single fabric: 56 domains, 7 hopsMultiprotocol routing fabric: 19 hops
Scalability Full fabric architecture with 239 switches maximum
Compatibility Document4 i
Design Guide8 i
End of Life1 i
FAQs4 i
PEIS & RoHS1 i
Product Brief3 i
Recycling Instructions1 i
Security Advisory1 i
Specification1 i
White Papers8 i

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