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Enterprise-class software for storage networking visibility

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An extension of Broadcom’s Fibre Channel technology, Fabric Vision increases visibility into the network and supports highly automated management functions. These functions dramatically reduce operational costs by simplifying management, so you can preempt potential problems and accelerate application deployments. Fabric Vision combines capabilities from hardware and Fabric OS. The newly updated Network Advisor management software automates tasks with an integrated dashboard that displays a view of the overall SAN health. With IO Insight, Fabric Vision technology provides organizations with even deeper visibility into the performance of their environment. This enhanced visibility reduces time-to-resolution by enabling quick identification of degraded application performance at the host and storage tiers. VM Insight seamlessly monitors Virtual Machine (VM) performance throughout a storage fabric with standards-based, end-to-end VM tagging. VM Insight allows administrators to quickly determine the source of VM and application performance anomalies to provision and fine-tune the infrastructure.


Fabric Vision’s powerful, integrated monitoring, management, and diagnostic tools enable organizations to:

Simplify monitoring:

  • Deploy more than 20 years of storage networking best practices in predefined, threshold-based rules, actions, and policies with a single click
  • Take advantage of non-intrusive, real-time monitoring and alerting while gaining visibility into storage IO health and performance with key latency and performance metrics
  • Leverage integrated network sensors to gain visibility into VM and storage IO health and performance metrics to maintain SLA compliance
  • Gain comprehensive visibility into the fabric through browser-accessible dashboards with drill-down capabilities to easily identify network health, performance, latency, and congestion issues


Increase operational stability:

  • Avoid 50 percent of common network problems with proactive monitoring and advanced diagnostic tools that address problems before they impact operations
  • Identify hot spots and automatically mitigate network problems—before they impact application performance—through intuitive reporting, trend analysis, and integrated actions
  • Monitor and set baselines on IO latency for each VM, and identify performance anomalies to facilitate fault isolation and troubleshooting
  • Pinpoint resource contention, congestion, and errant devices to resolve application performance problems


Dramatically reduce costs:

  • Eliminate nearly 50 percent of maintenance costs through automated testing and diagnostic tools that validate the health, reliability, and performance of the network prior to deployment
  • Save up to millions of dollars on CapEx costs by eliminating the need for expensive third-party tools through integrated network sensors, monitoring, and diagnostics
  • Leverage specialized tools for pretesting and validating IT infrastructure to accelerate deployment, simplify support, and reduce operational costs
  • Tune device configurations with integrated IO metrics to optimize storage performance and increase ROI


IO Insight

  • Automatically detect degraded storage IO performance with integrated device latency and IOPS monitoring


VM Insight

  • Seamlessly monitors VM performance throughout a storage fabric with standards-based,end-to-end VM tagging



  • Automation that simplifies policy-based monitoring and alerting



  • Customizable health and performance dashboard, with all critical information on one screen


Fabric Performance Impact Monitoring

  • Quickly detects and clearly alerts admins to high levels of latency, helping to identify slow drain devices


Forward Error Correction

  • Automatically detects and recovers from bit errors, negating the need for retransmission



  • DiagnosticsCable and optic diagnostics that simplify the deployment and support of large fabrics


Buffer Credit Recovery

  • Automatically recovers flow control buffer credit loss at the VC level, improving availability



  • Simplifies SAN configuration and maintains consistency in operational behavior


Flow Vision

  • Identifies, monitors, and analyzes the performance of specific flows or frame types


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