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Scale fast, accelerate data access, achieve operational efficiency

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Take advantage of lightning-fast flash storage networking technology and adapt quickly to dynamic business demands with the Brocade G620 Switch. This powerful Gen 6 Fibre Channel switch shatters application performance barriers and simplifies scale-out network architectures—in an enviably small footprint. And with built-in instrumentation, you gain greater insight and control to reduce cost, management complexity, and risk.

Breakthrough performance: Get the performance you need to support critical business applications and the most from your investment in solid state storage technology.

Increased scalability: Reduce operating costs and management complexity by simplifying scale-out architectures—all in a 1U form factor.

Operational stability: Reduce risk with the industry’s first built-in metrics. Achieve greater control and operational insights to quickly identify issues and easily meet or crush SLAs.


Handle demanding applications easily

  • Seamlessly transition to next-generation NVMe flash arrays
  • Smash application performance barriers with up to 100 million IOPS and accommodate flash storage workloads
  • Reduce latency in high-transaction applications by up to 10X compared to other offerings


Simplify scalability and management

  • Deliver simplified scalability with the industry’s highest port density storage networking switch
  • Simplify end-to-end management of large scale environments by automating monitoring and diagnostics 
  • Increase VM density with greater device support and deep visibility into virtualized workloads
  • “Pay as you grow” scalability from 24 to 64 ports for on-demand flexibility


Achieve control and insight

  • Detect degraded storage performance with built-in device latency and IOPS monitoring
  • Understand storage I/O workloads and behaviors to ensure consistent and predictable performance
  • Increase resilience though automatic detection and recovery from network and device-level errors
  • Ensure predictable performance with pre-deployment validation and benchmarking
  • VM Insight enables Virtual Machine (VM) visibility in a storage fabric to monitor and optimize VM performance and identify VM anomalies


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Brocade® Network Advisor simplifies storage network management and helps organizations proactively diagnose and troubleshoot issues to maximize uptime increase operational efficiency and reduce costs.

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Brocade Gen 6 Fibre Channel is the purpose-built network infrastructure for mission-critical storage delivering breakthrough performance increased business agility and operational stability.

Specification Value
Lifecycle Active
Bandwidth 2
Bandwidth UOM Tb/s
Total Line Rate Ports 24 to 64 @ 32 Gb/s
Power Text 0.10 watts / Gb/s, dual hot-swappable power supplies
Frame Based ISL Trunking 256 Gb/s frame-based trunk (optional)
Access Gateway Supports
FICON Support Supports
Size (mm) 440(W) x 43.9(H) x 355.6(D)
Certified Maximum 6,000 active nodes; 56 switches, 19 hops in Brocade Fabric OS® fabrics; larger fabrics certified as required
Fibre Channel Performance Fibre Channel: 4.25 Gb/s line speed, full duplex; 8.5 Gb/s line speed, full duplex; 10.53 Gb/s line speed, full duplex; 14.025 Gb/s line speed, full duplex; 28.05 Gb/s line speed, full duplex; auto-sensing of 4/8/10/16/32 Gb/s port speeds; 10 Gb/s optionally programmable to fixed port speed. Auto-sensing of 4×32/4×16/4×8/4×4 Gb/s speeds on the QSFP ports with Brocade FOS v8.2.0
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