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Optical Transceivers for the Highest-Performance Data Center Fabrics

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Highly Reliable, Brocade-Qualified Optics

Brocade, a Broadcom Inc. company, offers a unique set of high-performance, reliable, and cost-effective optical transceivers to help enterprises meet the challenges of diverse network topologies. To ensure maximum quality, Brocade selects and tests the highest-performing optical transceivers on the market, and then warrants their availability, capacity, and performance in Brocade® products.

Brocade optical transceivers deliver a wide range of Fibre Channel and Ethernet connectivity with guaranteed compatibility with Brocade switches, full compliance with industry standards and lifetime support, while satisfying a wide range of speed, form factor, and distance requirements.

Optical Transceivers for the Highest-Performance Data Center Fabrics

Today’s enterprise data centers are undergoing an infrastructure transformation, requiring higher speeds, greater scalability, and higher levels of performance and reliability to better meet the demands of business. As speed and performance needs increase, optical transceivers — once considered a generic component of Fibre Channel switching technologies — have become an integral part of overall system design. However, optical transceiver design margins and parameters vary widely, and can make the difference between an optimized, highly reliable fabric and incompatibility issues that drive-up support costs. 

Guaranteed Compliance Lifetime Support Factory Tested
We guarantee compatibility with Brocade switches and full compliance with industry standards. That’s something you don’t get from generic transceivers. Buy Brocade branded transceiver, and we’ll support it for the life of the product. Single support source for switches and optics! Every batch of Brocade transceivers is factory tested, so you’re assured that they function properly and reliably

The Brocade Family of Optical Transceivers: Brocade offers a comprehensive family of reliable optical transceivers to provide highly compatible, high-performance connectivity to Brocade director and switch products. 


Certified Quality and Compliance

  • All Brocade transceivers undergo rigorous qualification and certification testing that results in an end-to-end solution that is easier to maintain—helping improve the availability of data center fabrics supporting mission-critical applications.



  • Many transceivers that claim standards compliance are actually not compliant, and will not work correctly with Brocade products. We factory test each batch of Brocade branded transceivers to make sure they meet our highest standards of reliability.


Error-Free Performance

  • We guarantee error-free transceiver operation. We can do that because we track life cycle changes in the products that we purchase from our suppliers. And we make sure that every transceiver you buy will always work properly with our switches.


Maximum Performance

  • With rigorous testing Brocade transceivers are optimized to maximize performance, reduce power consumption, and help ensure the highest availability of mission-critical applications.


Support and Services

  • Get the most out of your network investment with Global Support to access our online case management tool for self-service support, and connect, learn and share your knowledge in our thriving community forums.
  • To help optimize technology investments, Brocade and its partners offer complete solutions that include education, support, and services. For more information, contact a Brocade sales partner or visit our website.


Storage Area Network (SAN) Switch Transceiver Features

  • Digital Optical Monitoring determines whether a unit is operational, marginal, or failing ClearLink Diagnostics identifies the source of physical link issues
  • Brocade transceivers cover a broad range of speed and distance options


Ethernet Switch Transceiver Features

  • Digital Optical Monitoring determines whether a unit is operational, marginal, or failing Brocade transceivers cover a broad range of speed and distance options 

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