LEDs and Displays

Known for its LEDs’ performance, efficiency and reliability, Broadcom offers an extensive portfolio of products that include high brightness and high power LEDs, PLCC surface-mount LEDs, and display backlighting module solutions. These LEDs and display modules address a wide range of markets, including electronic signs and signals, automotive, solid state lighting and LCD display backlighting. 

LED Display customers can rely on products that deliver high reliability, long life expectancy, and are resistant to extreme weather conditions, mechanical vibration, and shock. With our innovative LED Displays, customers can choose products with rich color capabilities, low cost, standard brightness and high ambient light that are designed to meet a variety of industrial and consumer applications.

Leds 7seg

7-Segment LED Displays

Full range of 7-Segment displays in through-hole or surface mount styles in industry standard sizes.

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Leds Autofocus

Auto Focus Auxiliary Flash Lamps

Auto Focus Auxiliary Flash LEDs are specifically designed for use in digital cameras and smartphones.
Leds Dotmatrix

Dot Matrix LED Displays

Dot Matrix LED Displays are capable of displaying a full range of alphanumeric characters and simple graphics when assembled in panels.
Leds Hibrite

High Brightness LEDs

LEDs create brilliant lights with rich life-like colors for our customers’ applications which are longer lasting and at a globally competitive price.
Leds Hipowe

High Power LEDs

Broadcom High Power LEDs address a wide range of markets, including electronic signs and signals, automotive, solid state lighting and LCD display backlighting.
Infrared LEDs

Infrared LEDs

The latest IR LEDs in various package platforms and footprints within the 800 nm to 940 nm wavelength range, appropriate for remote control handsets, security systems, video cameras, automated card reader systems and industrial sensors.

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Leds Litebar

LED Light Bars

LED Light Bars are Broadcom’ innovative solution to fixed message annunciaton.

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Leds Smart

Smart Alphanumeric Displays

Smart Alphanumeric Displays uses LED technology with ASIC drivers.

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Leds Stdbrite

Standard Brightness LEDs

Standard Brightness LED Lamps are suitable for all applications requiring backlighting and status indication.
Leds Submini

Subminiature Lamps

Subminiature Lamps are designed for modern printed circuit (PC) boards, replacing through-hole mounted components for many traditional functions with smaller components, sized for closer placement.
Leds Surface

Surface Mount PLCC LEDs

Broadcom offers a variety of surface mount (SMT) LEDS in PLCC-2/4/6 packages. These series of products are encapsulated in silicon to increase their tolerance of environmentally hostile applications.