3W Mini High Power LED

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The 3W Mini Power LED Light Source is a high performance
energy efficient device which can handle high
thermal and high driving current. Option with electrically
isolated metal slug is also available.

The White Mini Power LED is available in the range of color
temperature from 2700K to 10000K.

The low profile package design and ultra small footprint is
suitable for a wide variety of applications especially where
space and height is a constraint.

The package is compatible with reflow soldering process.
To facilitate easy pick & place assembly, the LEDs are
packed in EIA-compliant tape and reel.


  • Available in full colors, ie Red, Red Orange, Amber, Green, Blue, Royal Blue, Cool White, Neutral White and Warm White
  • Small footprint and low profile
  • Symmetrical outline
  • Energy efficient
  • Direct heat transfer from metal slug to mother board
  • Compatible with reflow soldering process
  • High current operation
  • Long operation life
  • Wide viewing angle
  • Silicone encapsulation
  • Non-ESD sensitive (threshold > 16kV)
  • MSL 1 products


  • Sign backlight
  • Safety, exit and emergency sign lightings
  • Specialty lighting such as task lighting and reading lights
  • Retail display
  • Commercial lighting
  • Accent or marker lightings, strip or step lightings
  • Portable lightings, bicycle head lamp, torch lights.
  • Decorative lighting
  • Architectural lighting
  • Pathway lighting
  • Street lighting
  • Pedestrian street lighting
  • Tunnel lighting

Lifecycle Status


Substance Compliance

  • RoHS6
    Fully Compliant
Specification Value
Lifecycle Active
Distrib. Inventory Yes
RoHS6 Compliant Y
Color Blue
Color Temperature (K) N/A
Typical Luminous Flux (lm) 13.9 - 30.6 Lumens
Metal Slug Electrically Neutral
Voltage 3.5 V
Test Current (mA) 350 mA
Typical Dominant Wavelength (nm) 460 - 480
Viewing Angle (degree) 165°
Application Note4 i
Product Change Notice (PCN)4 i