LED Light Bars

LED Light Bars are Broadcom’ innovative solution to fixed message annunciaton. They are used as annunciator that serves three customer functions: status indication, backlighting fixed messages and analog level indications (arrays).

The LED Light Bars provide exceptional brightness at very low drive current for those applications where portability and battery backup are vital. These rectangular light sources are configured in single-inline and dual-in-line packages that contain either single or segmented light emitting areas. They are also X-Y stackable.

Suitable for business machines, instrumentation, telecommunications, transportation and consumer applications.


Bar Graph Arrays

Broadcom’ Bar Graph Arrays serve a market need for analog level indication.


These bi-color light bars configured in dual in-line, are designed for a variety of applications where a large bright source of light is required.

Single Color

These single color LED light bars can contain single or segmented light emitting areas and are X-Y stackable to display long strings of information.