Subminiature Lamps

Subminiature Lamps are designed for modern printed circuit (PC) boards, replacing through-hole mounted components for many traditional functions with smaller components, sized for closer placement.

Subminiature Lamp components are available in several lead configurations that can be used for top mount or reverse mount, and through-hole applications. A variety of packages are available, such as flat top, dome and rectangular in standard or low current options.

Suitable for applications in industrial and communication, automotive, mobile and Consumer electronics, such as front panel and symbol indicator, keypad and push button backlighting, CD player, hi-fi audio, car radio indicators and more.

Dome Resistor Subminiature LEDs

Domed resistor subminiature lamps have built in current limiting resistors for use in applications where space is at a premium.

Dome Subminiature LEDs

Dome subminiature lamps with tinted, diffused lamps provide a wide viewing angle with a high on-off contrast ratio. Those with untinted, nondiffused lens provide high luminous intensity within a narrow radiation pattern.

Flat-Top Subminature LEDs

Domed Flat Top Subminiature Lamps use an untinted, nondiffused lens to provide a wide radiation pattern for use in backlighting applications.