Alignment Kit for AEAT-9000-1GSH1 Optical Encoder

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HEDS-8969, optical encoder alignment kit, features real-time IC monitoring to allow user monitor the IC output during alignment. The alignment kit consists of the IC interface hardware, supported by a PC application. The IC interface hardware is a microcontroller system that links up AEAT9000 encoder with the PC through a USB cable


  • Bus-powered USB device
  • Real-time monitoring of LocTest and TiltOut output
  • Real-time monitoring AB Incremental signal pairs or Sine/Cosine signal pairs.
  • Real-time monitoring of SSI data.
  • Data capturing rate at 4000samples per second


  • AEAT-9000 alignment purpose
  • AEAT-9000 signal monitoring

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  • RoHS6
    Fully Compliant
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