Housed Encoders

Broadcom has been making encoder modules previously used in US Digital kit encoders for over 25 years. If you are being forced to change because US Digital no longer uses Broadcom encoder modules, come get your US Digital replacement kit encoder from the original source: Broadcom.
Broadcom is proud to offer a full range of standard and custom housed encoders and kit encoders to meet your technical specifications. These housed and kit encoders utilize the encoder modules described in the other sections of the Broadcom Motion Control Encoder web site. A variety of standard housed encoders are available for purchase from inventory, or we can customize a solution for your application.
Many popular encoders such as the US Digital E2 Series and US Digital E5 Series can be replaced with Broadcom housed kit encoders. The HEDC-55xx/56xx Series and AEDC-5xxx Series can be used as direct replacements for the US Digital E5 Series kit encoders. Broadcom also has replacements for encoders from Renco such as the RCML15, R22i, and R35i.

Absolute Encoders

Broadcom absolute encoders are position feedback devices that report absolute positional information.

Incremental Encoders

Broadcom offers incremental encoders as encoder modules for you to integrate or as complete housed or kit incremental encoders.