Incremental Encoders

Incremental encoders are position feedback devices that provide incremental counts. Thus, an incremental encoder provides relative position, where the feedback signal is always referenced to a start or home position. For incremental encoders, each mechanical position is uniquely defined. The current position sensed is only incremental when compared to the last position sensed.
Broadcom incremental encoders are also called optical encoders, optical incremental encoders, or magnetic incremental encoders because they utilize optical technology or magnetic Hall effect sensing technology. Broadcom supplies both optical transmissive incremental encoders and optical reflective incremental encoders.
Broadcom incremental encoders are available as encoder modules for integration by the user or as complete housed or kit incremental encoders.
  • Broadcom has direct replacements for US Digital kit encoders and Renco encoders

Encoder Line Drivers

Encoder line driver ICs designed to meet industrial standards for encoder applications.

Incremental Encoders and Code Wheels

Broadcom offers a range of incremental encoders (also named optical encoders or optical incremental encoders) that are readily matched with compatible code wheels.

Reflective Encoders

Reflective encoders combine an emitter and a detector in a single surface mount package. Use with a codewheel or codestrip to translate rotary/linear motion into digital outputs.

Transmissive Encoders

Transmissive encoder emitter/detector modules. Coupled with a code wheel translates rotary shaft motion into digital output.