Incremental Encoders and Code Wheels

Incremental Encoders are position feedback devices that provides incremental counts. Thus, incremental encoders provide relative position, where the feedback signal is always referenced to a start or home position. For incremental encoders, each mechanical position is uniquely defined. The current position sensed is only incremental from the last position sensed. Incremental encoders are also non-contacting optical, rotary, quadrature output device.

These incremental encoders are also called optical encoders or optical incremental encoders because they utilizes optical technology. Optical incremental encoders are highly sort after as position feedback devices due to its durability and ability to achieve high resolution. Broadcom's optical incremental encoders are exceptionally recognized for its reliability and accuracy.

To ensure convenience, efficiency and cost effectiveness of our customers assembly requirements, Broadcom offers a range of incremental encoders that are readily matched with compatible code wheels. The choice of code wheels in this category, enables Broadcom’s incremental encoders to perform in the most optimum position and provide the most accurate output.