Rotary Switches

A rotary switch, also known as Rotary Pulse Generator (RPG) or digital potentiometer, is a type of switch operated by rotation that converts an angular position into a useful digital data. It is designed to replace conventional resistive potentiometer.
Broadcom provides an extensive selection of housed rotary switches that can be used as human-machine interface (HMI) for front-panel rotary control and data entry. Rotary resolution options range from 50 to 3,600 counts per resolution (CPR) for incremental and 17-bit single absolute.
The Broadcom HRPG product series has many configuration options available, making it flexible for numberous applications including front panel instruments, audio/visual boards, and any devices requiring rotary control knob. These options include detent or smooth turning, multiple terminations, versatile mounting capabilities, and different shaft configurations.