Optical Sensors

Broadcom offers a wide range of optical sensors solutions including ambient light, RGB color, proximity and gesture sensors for a broad range of applications including:

  • Mobile / Computing - smart phone, tablet, laptop, gaming mouse, printer
  • Consumer Electronics – TV displays, handheld game console, digital camera
  • Lightings – Industrial / commercial lightings, residential lightings, outdoor street lightings
  • Automotive – Instrument panel illumination
  • Medical Diagnostic Equipment
  • Industrial Instrument
  • Contactless switches
  • White Goods
  • Sanitary Products
  • Health / Fitness Products


Opsensors Ambien

Ambient Light Sensors

Digital and analog ambient light sensors ideal for lighting systems.
Opsensors Integrated

Integrated Ambient Light and Proximity Sensors

Integrated proximity and light sensing capabilities in a single device.
Opsensors Proximity

Proximity Sensors

Proximity sensors ideal for industrial, automotive, and consumer applications.
Silicon Photomultiplier (SiPM)

Silicon Photomultiplier (SiPM)

Silicon Photomultipliers (SiPM) are arrays of Single-Photon-Avalanche-Diodes (SPAD) operated in Geiger mode, enabling the detection of single photons.
Time-of-Flight 3D Sensors Thumbnail

Time-of-Flight 3D Sensors

Multi-pixel distance and motion measurement sensor IC technology, based on the optical Time-of-Flight principle.


Compact modular spectrometer devices with various operating wavelengths used for optical sensing applications.