Optocouplers and Opto-Isolators

Optocouplers, also called opto-isolators, are semiconductor devices that isolate unwanted signals by physically separating high-voltage circuit systems from neighboring low-voltage systems. 
Broadcom delivers optocouplers that are designed and manufactured to meet the stringent power isolation requirements of industrial applications and offer the industry's leading common mode rejection (CMR) of up to 50kV/µs. 
Broadcom supplies high-reliability hermetic optocouplers for military use, galvanic isolation optocouplers for industrial applications, and optocouplers specifically designed to meet the insulation and reliability requirements for automotive-grade applications.


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Automotive-grade optocoupler gate drives, IPM interfaces and isolation amplifiers for automotive applications in electric vehicles.
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Hermetic optocouplers designed to withstand the harsh environments required by military and aerospace applications.
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Industrial Plastic

Galvanic isolation optocouplers include the smart current sensors, intelligent gate drivers, digital optocouplers, drivers for intelligent power modules, high temperature R²Coupler™ and other application-specific devices.