Automotive Optocouplers

For the automotive industry, Broadcom offers a wide range of digital, IPM interface, gate drive optocouplers and isolation amplifiers. The first supplier to introduce 125°C plastic optocouplers for automotive applications, Broadcom automotive R2Coupler™ products are AEC-Q100 qualified with applications in:
  • Automotive system CANBus interface isolation
  • Motor inverter drives
  • AC-DC and DC-DC converters for battery chargers
  • Battery/inverter voltage monitoring
  • Battery management systems

Digital Optocouplers

These digital optocouplers support isolated high speed communication interface up to maximum propagation delay of 35ns.

Isolated Gate Drive Optocouplers

R²Coupler™ gate drivers optocouplers are ideally suitable for driving power IGBTs and MOSFETs in inverter and converter applications.

IPM Interfaces

These R²Coupler™ digital optocouplers provide isolated communication interface between microcontroller and intelligent power module.

Isolation Amplifiers

R²Coupler™ isolation amplifiers send precision analog voltage and current measurement across an electrical isolation barrier.

Optocoupler with transistor or MOSFET output

These R2CouplerTM optocouplers have bipolar transistor or MOSFET outputs and are AEC-Q101 qualified