Hermetic Optocouplers

Broadcom has supplied high reliability hermetic optocoupler products since 1975 for use in military applications. These hermetic military grade optocouplers are capable of operation over the full military temperature range of -55 degrees C and +125 degrees C. All products are manufactured and tested on a MIL-PRF-38534 certified line and are included in the DSCC (Defense Supply Center Columbus) Qualified Manufacturers List QML-38534 for Hybrid Microcircuits.

Digital Optocouplers

Digital hermetic optocouplers that isolate sensitive parts of the circuit from transmitted common modesignals; multiple input/output characteristics for high-performance applications.

AC-DC to Logic Interfaces

AC-DC to logic interface family of devices are available in a hermetically sealed 8-Pin ceramic package and has a typical data rate of 100KHz.

High-Speed Logic Gates

Broadcom offers a two independent channel high speed line receiver in a 16-Pin hermetically sealed ceramic DIP package.

IPM Interfaces

Hermetically sealed optocouplers and IPMs with the highest level of reliability.

Isolation Amplifiers

Broadcom's isolation amplifiers provides accurate, electrically isolated and amplified representations of voltage and current in a hermetically sealed 8-Pin DIP ceramic package.

Isolated Gate Drive Optocouplers

Isolated IGBT drivers used for motor control and power conversion applications where the microcontroller needs protection from high voltages.


Hermetic power MOSFETs are convenient replacements for mechanical and solid state relays where high component reliability with standard footprint lead configuration is desirable.

Transistor Outputs

These hermetically sealed high speed transistor optocouplers are ideal for wide bandwidth analog applications and digital applications.