Industrial Plastic Optocouplers

As one of the leaders in galvanic isolation optocoupler technology, Broadcom delivers optocouplers that are designed and manufactured to meet stringent power isolation requirements of industrial applications along with the industry's leading common mode rejection (CMR) of up to 50kV/µs.
In an industrial environment where high voltages, magnetic fields and noise are commonly present, reliability is critical to avoid downtime and ensure data accuracy. In this environment circuit designers use galvanic isolation optocouplers to insulate high voltages and isolate unwanted signals.
Read the EDN product teardown showing Rockwell’s use of optocouplers as an isolation mechanism in its Micro850 PLC and watch the related Broadcom interview.

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Digital Optocouplers

Broadcom offers a wide portfolio of digital optocouplers and isolation products to meet the requirements of broad range of industrial applications.

IPM Interfaces

Optocouplers designed for IPM interface drive applications.

Isolation Amplifiers & Modulators

Optical Isolation Amplifiers and modulators designed for a variety of industrial applications including motor phase and rail current sensing.

Isolated Gate Drive Optocouplers

These isolated IGBT and MOSFET drivers are ideal for use in a wide range of motor control and power conversion applications where the microcontroller needs to be isolated and protected from high voltages.

Specific Function Optocouplers

High linearity analog, current loop transmiter/recievers, line receivers, voltage/current detectors, and wideband analog/video optocouplers.

Other Products

Phototransistors and solid-state relays